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Importance of Getting ESL Certified - 12/09/2013

With more people are migrating into the United States than eve, getting teachers certified to teach English as a second language (ESL) is looking to be one of the most important aspects of education reform.... Read More

Study: Do Anti-Bullying Programs Enable Bullies? - 09/23/2013

One of the biggest movements in schools over the past few decades has been the anti-bullying movement. Teachers and educators have been quick to jump on any tactics that may help curb bullying in schools. However, a new study shows that many of these anti-bullying campaigns have the potential to enable bullying rather than curb it.... Read More

More Schools Move Away From Junk Food - 09/18/2013

As schools have begun to implement health plans designed to help curb childhood obesity rates, a new study out of the Center for Disease Control shows that there has been a large shift in how much money schools take from junk food and vending machines, and how many schools are outright banning them.... Read More

The Need to Know About Common Core Standards - 09/17/2013

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are unfamiliar with the Common Core standards voluntarily implemented by 45 states across the nation.... Read More

Charter Competition Motivates Districts - 09/16/2013

As more charter schools are formed as a means of competing with traditional public schools, many wonder just how this competition affects the school district and its policies. A recent study found that school districts are responding in a way that is constructive and beneficial to the district and the charter school.... Read More

Utah Teachers Get New STEM Training - 08/21/2013

As a part of the state’s recently announced STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education initiatives, more than 150 Utah teachers met in Salt Lake City for a demonstration on how new technologies can be used in the classroom.... Read More

Hawaii Works to Keep Teachers in State - 08/19/2013

As more teachers leave the islands for more lucrative positions on the mainland, the Hawaii department of education has to come up with various plans to give quality teachers incentives to remain in the state.... Read More

Mexican American Studies Struggles to Make Return - 08/13/2013

The long controversial Mexican American studies program in Tucson, Arizona may finally make a comeback after a judge issued a court order for its return. However, in spite of the order, many state officials continue to push back as they feel that the courses are not properly aligned with academic standards.... Read More

California Districts Get Special NCLB Waiver - 08/13/2013

After denying the state of California a No Child Left Behind waiver last December for not meeting standards, the U.S. Department of Education has granted a group of eight California school districts individual NCLB waivers.... Read More

North Carolina to End Teacher Tenure - 08/12/2013

Republican legislators in North Carolina recently pushed through a bill that not only overhauls the budget by adding a school voucher program, but also eliminates the state’s teacher tenure system.... Read More