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Education Specialist Degree

What is an Education Specialist Degree?

The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Degree is for individuals who wish to advance their education beyond the master's level in a specialized and focused program of study. Teachers seek Ed.S. degrees as a way to advance their licensure or earn re-certification credits. Programs also provide the necessary background and expertise for educators planning on teaching at the university level or pursuing supervisory or leadership roles. Since Ed.S. degree coursework is at the doctoral-level, many schools will transfer credits directly toward the education doctorate (Ed.D) degree.

Ed.S. subject areas include topics such as Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, Educational Technology and Administrative Leadership. Learn More »



Northcentral University (NCU) recently announced the launch of their new online Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree program with twelve specializations.

NCU's Ed.S. degree program is for teachers seeking to develop additional skills and expand their knowledge beyond the Master’s Degree level – but who may not want to pursue a degree at the doctoral level. The program focuses on applied learning and executive leadership preparation. Click on an Ed.S. program of interest here to request more information from NCU today.