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Becoming a School Psychologist - 01/07/2014

The role of the school psychologist can be one of the most important and under appreciated positions in a school district. They are tasked with collaborating with teachers and parents to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. Unfortunately, many school districts are facing a shortage of school psychologists, even as the need begins to rise.... Read More

Getting Early Childhood Education Certified - 01/07/2014

Recent research has shown that early childhood education may prove to be the key to education reform and improving academic achievement. Studies have shown that children who are enrolled in a high quality preschool and early education program have a tendency to perform significantly better academically later on in their schooling.... Read More

Ensuring Success With an Online Education - 12/02/2013

Continuing education as a teacher can often be a daunting task, as a teacher’s schedule doesn’t often leave much extra time for class work and studying. Because of this, online education is often the best course of action. However, without the proper motivation and drive, an online education can end up being a waste of time with very little learning being done by the student.... Read More

Becoming a Highly Qualified Teacher - 12/02/2013

One of the main goals of the No Child Left Behind act is for every student to have access to highly trained teachers. Because of this, teachers who want to go on to a long, successful teaching career must get designated as a “highly qualified teacher.”... Read More

Why Get Certified in Special Education? - 11/18/2013

Currently in the United States, public schools are facing a severe shortage of fully certified special education teachers. This makes it a prime time for prospective teachers, or any teacher looking for work to get special education certified.... Read More

Continuing Education for School Counseling Careers - 11/18/2013

For a person who wants to help children and teenagers by shaping their lives, teaching is a great career. However, many teachers want to have a more one-on-one, personal experience with students, but often do not get the chance. For those teachers, continuing their education to transition into school counseling may be the answer.... Read More

Teacher Training Key to Common Core Standards - 11/18/2013

One of the main goals states have when adopting Common Core standards, is increasing rigor in academic achievement. Districts and education departments are looking to not only make school more challenging, but also increase student’s desire to learn. This shift will have to begin with teachers, which means teachers are going to have to get more training.... Read More

Continuing Education to Gain Teaching Skills - 11/07/2013

When a teacher looks to continue their education, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to pursue an advanced degree like a Master’s degree, Ph.D., or Ed.D. There are a plethora of reasons why teachers should be continually seeking to further their education.... Read More

Making the Move to Educational Administration - 10/29/2013

For many teachers, being in the classroom, teaching and working with students is their ultimate career goal. However, for some the move to an educational administration position may next step up from the classroom. Making that move can be a rewarding experience, that doesn't need to be a daunting one.... Read More

Advantages of Online Degree Programs - 10/29/2013

The benefits of online degree programs are endless. Not only will students save time, but they will also save a bundle of money and receive an education that is sure to take them where they want to go.... Read More