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Online Graduate Certificate Programs

What is a Graduate Certificate Program?

Graduate certificate programs are short, focused college and university programs that are designed to advance your skills in a specialized subject-area. Programs typically require applicants to hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree to enroll, are generally up to a year in length, and usually consist of 3-12 courses or 12-21 credit hours of coursework

Credits earned while enrolled in a certificate program can often be applied to advanced degrees in related fields of study; some students will enroll in a certificate program and a master's or doctoral program simultaneously. Others enroll in a certification program in order to explore different educational options before going back to school or instead of pursuing a higher degree. Professionals looking to advance their careers without enrolling in a degree program can benefit from a graduate certificate by gaining the specialized knowledge they or their employer seek in a short amount of time. In addition, taking a certificate program online can save on time, money, and travel costs.

Find the Right Graduate Certificate Program for You

360 Education Solution's goal is to keep working professionals from spending countless hours searching the web to find information on specific online education certificates. Our certificates cover a wide range of subject matter - including topics in education, technology, public service and health care.

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Course Title Area of Study Type
CERT: Accounting Business Certification
CERT: Application Development Technology Certification
CERT: Applied Communication Studies Arts & Sciences Certification
CERT: Autism Education Education & Teaching Certification
CERT: Biblical Studies Arts & Sciences Certification
CERT: Business Administration Business Certification
CERT: Christian Ministry Arts & Sciences Certification
CERT: Communication & Business Admin Business Certification
CERT: Communication & Human Services Arts & Sciences Certification
CERT: Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Certification
CERT: Data Networking Technology Certification
CERT: Database Technology Certification
CERT: Educational Technology & Online Instruction Education & Teaching Certification
CERT: Executive Leadership Business Certification
CERT: General Business Business Certification
CERT: Gifted Education Education & Teaching Certification
CERT: Global Studies Arts & Sciences Certification
CERT: Health Sciences Health Care Certification
CERT: Healthcare Management Health Care Certification
CERT: Information Assurance Technology Certification